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Every single one of them was fucked up. Nigerian nude porn. Nowhere in the documentary it is said that Rod Stewart attended Collins-Rector parties.

Most never went back because they were disgusted by what they witnessed. She died when I was in my 20's, and got to talk to her before she died. Erik per sullivan naked. And yes, networking is a HUGE part of this business.

He also sort of looks like a druggie too. Was I correct in this impression? Jodie Foster said, said she has never seen one penny of any money she earned before she was There's a "Step by Step" Halloween episode from that apparently takes place in an old haunted mansion.

However, I would love it if you would contribute to this thread as well, because we both know plenty. Dude, if there's someone out there still molesting kids, be specific. R, TV shows are often filmed 1 to 1. That ship sailed a LONG time ago on this thread, though, so it's kind of pointless. That's the problem with these pedos. Michael vick naked. Some of it came in from people with a lot of money who were directly involved with sexual abuse of these boys, but a lot of it was legit.

What fucking world do you live in? I started out as a child actor and fortunately have worked ever since In reading the post by the rentboy, I was curious about this "I also had a threeway with a well known tv director a former HBO show Hey Now! They got busted, so now they wait until the teens are 18, and even "marry" them if they must. Or maybe sometimes posts get deleted because it enhances the mystique of the place.

What r said explains why nobody called the police or authorities about the parties, even though the neighbors mentioned in the documentary did not like them.

Why would Hollywood executives and those in power need to network? In showbiz you've got kids who are pre-groomed for you to be passive and obedient, plus they're screened for attractiveness. When they are on Lois front view the suds barely come to the top of her breast.

I didn't really get at the time how that was possible. How did he end up in Hollywood? When Malcolm is trying to get the TV back to the channel he was watching, he picks up a big remote and finds the channel which the video camera feed is on, but the remote he is holding on the TV is a smaller one.

Some elite families have multiple generations of incest, far more common than you might think. Did any of the kids or teens overdose, or have bad reactions to them? I was not the lead but it was a show with a lot of kids and the show focused on us.

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I figured the ones who's parents lived off them financially and who wanted the fame for themselves set no boundaries, acted as their friends and partied with them.

I wasn't a child star, and I'm only a few years into it, and I normally stick to forms of media which have niche audiences, so no, none of you would recognise me from anything. Lis wiehl nude. He'll let countless kids continue to get molested because he wants to be a star, but he also wants attention and sympathy for how hard it is to have guilt over being a coward and a junkyard human.

Cranston received an Emmy nomination in and for his hilarious work. Most famous people are not that interesting. He also sort of looks like a druggie too. Erik per sullivan naked. A lot has changed since Ryan Murphy failed to keep his beloved first series on air. I don't doubt at all that Collins-Rector is a predator or really anything that came out in the Open Secret documentary.

They guy is supremely well connected, and must lawyer up at every occasion. I probably take a quarter of that at the end. There was another actor who took interest in me.

She played along but didn't seem to be having much of a choice. Nude beach sex xxx. And it does look weird, not because the older person appears to be a pedo, but because outsiders looking in wonder about the emotional maturity of a fully grown adult that wants to date a teen. I don't remember the exact words but the poster thought something fishy was going on The arrested actor and the Disney actor are not from Step by Step. R You're right it doesn't mention SbS but come fucking on.

Also, is it true that within the industry that it's all based on who you know, that people steal other people's work, and ideas and that the worst or most poorly written scripts become TV shows and films and that original work written by people who don't work with a studio team is rejected since the person does not have the connections or networking? He has been in a lot of Disney stuff, mostly animated. During the fight between Malcolm and Spath, Spath goes at Malcolm with his right fist, but the closeup of his hand going towards Malcolm and Stevie is his left hand.

I hope his music career finds some success. R Corey Feldman is crazy but what he's saying here is actually valid. That dude was very vulnerable. Vince had some really funny lines at Harry's expense, along the lines of "Seriously, how you don't just throw the toaster in the bathtub every day is beyond me! Oh, thanks for that R They are not into dating teens. Natural tits tease. You only have to look at all the tongues that were up Woody Allen's ass at Cannes to know how much the industry cares about this issue.

I feel like Jane Kaczermerek would've castrated anyone messing with those kids. R While interesting, the taped conversation wasn't shocking because we'd already been told what had happened.

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