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Queen Margot aka 2 Reign 2 Furious Mr. What is Arya Up To? This city skyline dress. Lesbian vampire killers trailer ita. Serena van der woodsen naked. This Herve Leger bandage dress, the first of many. This pretty-but-nothing-special lilac long sleeved tee, striped cardigan, and skinny jeans.

Blair looks spectacular in a white bandage dress, donning a flower headband to top off the look. Champagne Sorrows — 7 — Masquerade Time! This coat with big gold buttons, and a teal scarf to class up any walk of shame. I just hate it done Kardashian style. This was when GG was, like, the best show ever.

At least her hair looked good? An Investigation Rio Olympics: I am just going to say it now, hair is not my strong suit. Does that make it a Seurat? Chuck Bass in blue Only Chuck Bass can pull off paisley with pinstripes in pastel and navy hues. Xxx celebrity nude pics. Then I smudged the bejesus out of it with my smudger to really diffuse the colour out. It must be emphasized that the sophisticated and evidently timeless Audrey Hepburn first donned them herself.

As she waltzes down the staircase to the collective harmonies of Florence and the Machine fun fact: These two shiny satin pieces of fabric she wraps around her body like a blouse and skirt.

This maroon sweater with a deep and spangled V-neck and omnipresent skinny jeans. This airy wrap dress and TWO chunky necklaces, which are utterly unpractical for interning at a production company.

Whether you love Gossip Girl or hate it, you have to admit that the fashion from the show is bold, unique, and some might even say iconic. Liner So Serena started off with a navy liner, if you actually look. Time for leather pants and a fake Russian accent! Plus, who wouldn't want to emulate the everything-naturally-falls-into-her-lap Serena? The 30 Hottest Jennifer Lopez Photos.

Check, check, check, etc. With awesome beige bag, silver cuff, and metallic mani. But why study when your former frenemy is in town? This coat from the pilot! Nothing screams power like a solid pants suit and a Chuck Bass grin, am I right? This tissue weight sweater and cardi combo, perfect for visiting your brother in a mental institution.

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Although they prohibit you from drinking red wine, white party attire is all the rage.

This equestrian-adjacent school uniform. Naked live tv show. More Boarding School Serena, with grey and black houndstooth tights, covetable navy bag, and cranberry penny loafers. What is Arya Up To? On many girls, this outfit would appear too outrageous, but for Serena Van Der Woodsen, it absolutely works.

This bustier-shaped top, which looks oddly holographic. With hooker boots and plaid tights. This is the story of a young girl who is enjoying her first taste of the spoils of dirty oil. This is very subtle, it comes with instructions right in the package which is nice and there are extra videos on Lancome's website if you really need. Bobcat and Rumspringa Red Carpet Review: I know this is getting into contouring which I already stated I hate Again it is to bring out her blue eyes, and this to me is the major Diana throw back.

Check out my most popular most How to: Well, for the first few seasons, anyway. Diorskin Nude Tan in 02 Sunset The second time, I used this Physician's Formula one, which worked pretty much just as well, only it is more matte, obviously not as much pigment. Serena van der woodsen naked. Jessa hinton nude video. This tangerine dress, worn solely to shock Bart Bass. November 8th, 0 Comments. I use it with all my face stuff now, even just when I blush and highlight like I do normally. This grey coat, over a plaid blazer that seemed coat-like on its own.

This city skyline dress.

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This sack with a plunging V. This plunging catsuit, for Thanksgiving with the fam. This habitual tie over long sleeved white tee situation. This cleavage-baring tight blue dress and necklace made out of Roman shields for very small legionaries.

Style Challenge 6 Jane By Design: This was when GG was, like, the best show ever. Xxx big ass xnxx. This suit that Bart bought in France. Cheeks So Serena's cheeks are quite subtle but there is quite a bit going on there I think to enhance the bone structure see the second pic of her.

These sequins, like armor, for when she needed to lawyer up and get a divorce right, remember that time when Serena was married?

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It is the kamakazi of face brushes; you can contour highlight and blush in a million ways. During a party there, Chuck and Georgina get drunk and decide to go sledding naked, along with Serena van der Woodsen.

Ten reasons to watch Outlander Game of Thrones: This tissue weight sweater and cardi combo, perfect for visiting your brother in a mental institution. Toulouse lautrec nude. It seems like something you could easily find at your local Urban Outfitters or even Target, and that is why I love it. Girl fucks hair brush The elevated shoulders give the appearance of power and the delicate tulle flowers lend an air of feminine worldliness.

Obviously this starts to go by the wayside as the seasons progress and she gets into the crazy couture and the even crazier plot lines micro film anyone? Serena aka Blake Lively has a unique eye shape; she doesn't really have a lot of lid so the eye make up is meant to fake it a bit and make her eyes look larger. Serena van der woodsen naked. This less infamous jacket, borrowed from a Bob Fosse tribute, and no pants. And when Eric gamely kept these frosted tips to match the rest of his blond fam?

Blair Waldorf might be a bit harsh, but no one can deny that she is stylish. I just hate it done Kardashian style.

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